The Cochlear™ baha® hearing system

The Cochlear™ baha® (bone anchored hearing aid) sound processor system has been successfully used to treat specific hearing conditions in Hong Kong since 1996. The technology translates sounds from a hearing processor, through a titanium implant, to the cochlea or inner ear. The vibrations received are perceived as sounds, and the patient “hears”.

Today, for the surgeon and the baha client, this simply translates to a direct bone conduction hearing system that is:

  • surgically simpler with the Hong Kong incision,
  • faster with single stage surgery,
  • earlier for baha use with improved implant coating technology and design, and
  • higher in fidelity hearing performance with the latest series of digitally programmable hearing processing systems.

Currently the indications by clinical condition for the baha hearing system include any of the following:

  • Conductive hearing losses e.g. congenital aural atresia, mastoidectomies
  • Mixed hearing losses e.g. post-irradiated nasopharyngeal cancer patients with hearing difficulties
  • One-sided total hearing losses ( or medically, single sided deafness, SSD)

How do we know if a patient will benefit from the baha processor. Simply we let them try it with a softband. If they like it, they are potential candidates for….

…the hearing implant system that “you can try before you buy”.