Asian Rhinoplasty

The ENTific Centre

Preoperative evaluation of the Asian nose

Before any surgery, a preoperative evaluation of the Asian client's expectation is critical for a good outcome. An evaluation on the functional and/or cosmetic objective of the rhinoplasty should be discussed with the patient. Wherever possible, it should include the following:

An assessment of the nasal characteristic of the patient

The Asian nose usually has a low radix, low dorsal height, weak lower lateral cartilages, de-projected tip, columella retraction, narrow ala base and thicker skin overlying the supratip & tip.

An assessment of the Asian clients' expectation

Asian patients usually request a higher radix and dorsum and more projected tip. Counseling should define to the client about his/her functional and cosmetic expectation of the surgery so that a tailored solution can be offered. The use of simulation software is a powerful tool to help the patient better visualize and understand the expected aesthetic outcome. This preoperative simulated visual tool is important as more and more Asian clients are increasingly more sensitive about retaining their ethnic identity after rhinoplasty.

A discussion about the operative process and risks

A full discussion about the surgical process including incisions, donor graft sites, implant materials and their complications should be undertaken. It is possible that several combinations of grafts and implants can be used to achieve the same result so the client should be responsibly counseled as to the best approach that minimizes future problems.

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