Asian Rhinoplasty

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Rhinoplasty trends in Asia

Rhinoplasty in Asia is fast increasing in its popularity. With an improving economy, many clients are looking to enhance their looks for personal reasons, socio-economic competitiveness in the job market place and /or peer influence from the local Asian/international film and music media.

Asian rhinoplasty techniques range from rhinoplasty by injectables to closed and open approach rhinoplasty procedures. These techniques have been described in the literature and performed in the West. However the surgical pendulum for the Asian nose is mostly about augmentation, instead of reduction. Augmentation strategies, materials and techniques form the volume of Asian practice.

This chapter will outline the varied techniques and the underlying essence of Asian rhinoplasty. An additional subchapter is dedicated to the ancient Chinese face reading philosophy and examines for the uninitiated reader how that could influence Asian rhinoplasty decision making for their clients.

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