Asian Rhinoplasty

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The Continent of Asia consists of several races and ethnic nasal shapes. Asian noses vary in height and width from the noses of the Indian subcontinent with their Caucasian nasal features, the Persian/Middle Eastern nose with their Mediterranean type features to the relatively smaller East Asian type Korean - Chinese nose and the Asian Malay nose of south–east Asia.

The scope of this chapter discusses Asian rhinoplasty surgery and the techniques used. The Asian type of rhinoplasty surgery which is the focus of this chapter is not synonymous with every rhinoplasty surgery performed in Asia on Asians, unlike what the title might suggest.

The Causasian and Mediterranean type noses of the Asian Continent usually require reduction and tip refinement techniques.These are often described in Western rhinoplasty surgery books and this type of rhinoplasty does not form the select discussion here. This chapter will focus more on the requirement for the more smaller East Asian and Asian Malay type of noses where augmentation strategies to raise the nasal profile are usually employed .

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