Asian Rhinoplasty

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Alloplastic materials for Asian rhinoplasty

The augmentation requirements for Asian rhinoplasty surgery have naturally resulted in the widespread use of alloplastic implants (Berghaus et al). Alloplastic implants provide the surgeon and patient with unlimited access to material without the need for donor site morbidity, potential resorption or cross-infection hazards. Costs, implant infection and extrusion remain the counterbalancing issues to this clear advantage.

Synthetic gels are commonly used for rhinoplasty as injectable augmenters and fillers. They have replaced the traditional silicone and Teflon paste injections though these remain in use in some areas. Their commercial availability and low skill set technique make them extremely popular especially amongst non-surgical cosmetic practices. Alloplastic implants e.g. silicone, porous polyethylene Medpor and Gore-Tex, are ideal ingredients for augmentation rhinoplasty. They can be sculptured, do not deform or resorp and their rigidity resists the shrink wrapping process well. Hence they are well suited to form the aesthetic lines for a beautiful rhinoplasty e.g. brow-tip line, the para-lateral waisting of the nasal dorsum, etc., and yet remain strong enough for subtle features to stand out against the relatively thicker skin of the Asian nose.

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